Jayne Williams Wedding Cake Tops

emt our day jw.jpg (112621 bytes) "Our Special Day"

Wedding Cake Topper

EMT Bride and EMT Groom


4.5" tall, 2" diameter - Matte Resin

$54.95 - Bride EMT and Groom EMT


(EMT Wedding Cake Tops includes Stethoscopes and EMT Back packs)

$39.95 -
Bride EMT


$39.95 -
Groom EMT


To combine EMT bride with other uniform groom, order Uniform groom topper, then order EMT items for bride at the link below:
Special Requests Changes for "Our Special Day" figurines.

Bride's hair color shown is Blonde.   Groom's hair color is Dark Brown. 
Other hair colors and accessories available for this EMT cake top.
See Special Request Changes for "Our Special Day" figurines.

jwsphair.JPG (15402 bytes)
4 Free Hair colors for Bride
Groom's Dark Brown hair color is Free

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